About the book Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share Their Art, Science, and Secrets

This book is written for people who want to win grants

Jana Jane Hexter

Imagine sitting down in a room with 25 people who collectively raised 1.7 billion dollars during their careers, with 400 years of combined writing experience on more than 24,000 grant proposals.

What would you want to know? Their secrets to success, what makes them tick? The things they absolutely avoid doing? Me too.

That’s why I interviewed 25 people considered top grant developers and asked them to reflect on what they do and how they do it. In the book, I share with you what I learned. I was touched by their generosity of spirit in sharing decades of experience so freely and hope that you will be too.

The book is for non-profit staff and volunteers, social entrepreneurs and other visionaries who are working in the world to create a future worthy of our children. If you know all the basics and have taken grantwriting classes you will find valuable fresh ideas and tips that you can apply in your work. It’s full of valuable nuggets, heart-centered, and an easy read.

How this book will improve your grant writing success

The book identifies 24 key elements that these experts use for successful grant development. I describe those 24 elements and how they form links in a chain that when they are all strong will enable you to succeed. I align some of the elements to the Grant Professionals Certification Institute competencies so that you can see what that they look like in practice. I invite you to look for the weak links in your grant development chain and put actions in place to address them.

If you’re interested in looking at what you do and how you do it with an eye to improving your success rate, then you’re in the right spot.

The Grant Writing Self-Assessment Quiz

There is an online companion Grant Writing Self-Assessment Quiz based on the book’s elements. Use it to see which elements you can refine so that grant development becomes more fun, easy, and rewarding.

Grant Writing Revealed answers these questions

  • What is most effective in grant writing? Knowing someone on the board of the foundation to get you in or writing a good proposal?
  • In the realm of foundation grants, is it worthwhile to cultivate relationships with program officers through personal visits?
  • Where is the fine line between persistence and being pushy?
  • How do you develop a relationship with foundation staff and board members if they don’t want to have a relationship?
  • What reads better for funders, descriptive language to describe the project, insightful stories, or just the facts?

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What Others Are Saying

“This book is a must have for your grants library! This book will allow you to glean the tips from the ‘best of the best’. Jana Jane Hexter has done an excellent job of compiling a wealth of invaluable information from the top experts in the grants industry.”

- Gail Vertz, GPC, Former Chief Executive Officer, Grant Professionals Association

“A big shout out to Jana for writing a book filled with wisdom and compassion and given to us with a deep spirit of generosity.

– Jeff Furman, Trustee, Ben & Jerry’s Foundation

“In this thought-provoking book, Jana beautifully expresses the humanity and spirituality of grant writing. It is not a checklist of steps to follow but a call for deeper relatedness. Jana has a knack for making the interviewees come alive, so in the end it doesn’t feel like you’ve just read a “how-to” book so much as it feels like you have been sitting in a room with this group of fundraising veterans listening to them share their secrets.

– Lynne Twist, bestselling author of The Soul of Money,
Founder and President of the Soul of Money Institute

Reading this book was like sitting at the table with the superstars of grant development as they reflect on the nuanced details that have made them successful. The advantage to reading the book, over being at the table, is Jana Hexter’s brilliant organization of the anecdotes into a discernible pattern of behavior. Ms. Hexter’s own voice is one of story teller–engaging, humorous, insightful, and personal. Through down-to-earth analogies, practical examples, and a highly personable interpretation of the interviewees’ stories, this book presents the key practices of successful grant development in a way that sticks!”

– Anke Wessels, Executive Director,
Center for Transformative Action

The advice is dead-on: for the novice it is eye-opening; for the veteran it is re-enforcing and encouraging. I found my own thoughts, challenges, successes and worries written throughout the book. One thing is for sure: proposal developers need mixed personalities – dominatrix and psychologist, military-grade planner and community healer. It’s all here and it’s all critical. This is a marvelous gift to proposal writers for our practice, for our institutions, for ourselves.

– Sarah S. Brophy, author of Is Your Museum Grant-Ready?
Assessing your organization’s potential for funding

“Grant writing is often a frustrating and difficult exercise. Jana Hexter’s book takes an optimistic and slightly spiritual approach to the task of writing good grants while providing the reader with a clear and thorough explanation of the process. She makes grant writing seem almost like fun!”

– Jane B. O’Connell, President,
Altman Foundation

“I was struck the number of jewels in this book. Most good grant writing books give you the author’s expert opinion but Jana’s book gives you 25 experts’ opinions. She brings out their best thinking as they go beyond the science to the art of good grant writing, something that takes years to master.”

– Michael Wells, GPC, CFRE
Author of Grantwriting Beyond the Basics series

“This book is the ‘Open Sesame’ of grant writing’s hidden little secrets to successful proposals. Jana Hexter has unlocked the door to show how grant writing is an art form and a science. She reveals the secrets of writing with honesty and integrity. She shares home-spun personal anecdotes and her humor to get the points across and to help us remember them.”

–Donald A. Griesmann, ret’d Episcopal clergy and legal services lawyer, virtual volunteer with grant announcements via Twitter (@dgriesmann)

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