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This book is about giving, sharing our natural gifts, and creating stronger communities by loving, honoring, and respecting one another. In that spirit, I offer this book as a gift to you.

One attribute of gifts is that we like to give them to people who will use and appreciate them and not hoard them. Therefore, I ask that you please use the gift of my book to help our world or pass it along to someone who will do so.

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Photo: A gift from the Institute for Circlework

Have fun with this

I’d love it if you shared YOUR gift in some way. There are as many ways to share our gifts as there are human beings on the planet – what’s your unique expression – what lights you up and makes you grin from ear to ear? Do that… please.

Since we are strangers, I do not have the pleasure of seeing you use my gift or pass it along. So, I invite you to please share your story of how you reciprocated (it can be as short as a few sentences)

What’s the catch?

None that I know of other than an act of generosity on your part.

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I must say, your emails are great – soul-full and personally inspiring. It seems there are many places to learn how to do grants better, but few places to witness/experience/ponder the thought-provoking, internal processes that are at work inside us as grant writers and as people – and that’s what your messages provide me with. Your emails are treasures I keep for future reference!

Tracey Martin, NY

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What Do You Mean by Gift? Is That the Same as Free?

Not exactly. We are used to doing things by transaction “I’ll give you x if you give me y” or getting free promos. A gift is different.

A gift involves reciprocity, going to and fro between a group of people (the root words are re and pro, back and forth). Think about your family or a tribal or religious community. In those circumstances, we give gifts to members of the family not expecting it to be returned to us in the same form. But we know that the gift recipient will give to others when the need arises, and that as a member of that group we will be taken care of.

Gifts are grounded in trust, community, and recognition that we need each other. The norms of our society are based in a sense of separation, scarcity, and competition.

I offer this gift to you as a member of my global family. It is not an act of charity on my part but more a recognition of our sacred interdependence.


There are pioneers in our country who are experimenting with creating more nurturing and sustainable ways of relating. You may have heard of the Karma Kitchen in Berkeley, a restaurant where there are no prices on the menu and where the check reads $0.00 with only this footnote: “Your meal was a gift from someone who came before you. To keep the chain of gifts alive, we invite you to pay it forward for those dine after you.” They have served over 30,000 meals. Or, Burning Man which is a gift-based community festival welcoming 48,000+ people.

This is my version of the experiment. It’s both idealistic AND practical

With this leap into the unknown, I am exploring what it is to live my life as a gift and to co-create a gift economy in a global context. It’s my attempt to pollinate a new way of relating to each other that is kinder and more fulfilling.


Photo: A gift from Erin Taylor, Colorado

Our lives were freely given as a gift, as was the astronomically beautiful and generous natural world that we were born into. Our deepest yearning is to serve and share the natural gifts and talents that we all have, but we often deny that urge because of financial concerns.

Our ecological, political, and economic systems are in upheaval and calling for us to evolve and create a new way of relating.

We are in the formative stages of creating new structures that honor our inherent unity and are grounded in trust, community, and generosity. This will include new financial structures to support different ways of relating. Gifting this book is my contribution to creating that structure.

I am committed to creating a world in which the feminine in all her forms is powerfully and freely expressed and all life is honored as sacred.

Given these beliefs and commitment, I gift this book to you as a step toward the next phase of our evolution in kindness and trust.

My deepest wish is that you use this book to sing a song from your soul that benefits us all and to borrow a phrase from Charles Eisenstein ‘create the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.’

So, if you’d like a gift copy of the book….

Please fill out the information below and then let me know how you will pay-it-forward and/or will use it to benefit your community. Then come back in a few weeks or months and share your story.

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I welcome you to the GrantsChampion world where you can meet other like-minded people who are co-creating a gift economy. Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to hearing from you.